Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Day 1 - 2: Ham Delight turns to Ham Depression

I begin the day with a wholesome OJ plus ham on toast with wholegrain mustard (superb!). In addition to this, I cut of generous slices of Skeet for lunch to make ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches (no picture). For dinner, my girlfriend Gia makes us a salad, to which I add ham for myself.

After sleeping off 3 meals of ham from the previous day, I start preparing ham & gruyere french toast for breakfast (recipe still to be inserted). Although some improvisation is required, it turns out to be quite a treat. Unfortunately after 2 of these pieces of "toast", weighing in around 300 grams each, I begin to feel sluggish in both mind and body, a feeling that I will experience many times more. After shopping at ikea and assembling a new desk for my room, I don't quite feel up to eating - but eating I must do! I eat a nice chunk of skeet in its purest form while sitting in the sun on our balcony. Following this, I enter a kind of hazy ham depression, I feel like all my energy has been sapped and all I can see is the long road of ham before me. A non-ham dinner with several pints put me in a far better mood.


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