Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Day 5 - 6: 600 Grams of Ham in One Meal

-- Day 5 --
I am dining with my parents tonight, so ham is out of the question. I have also decided that ham is not as appealing for breakfast as I thought, unless it is in a croissant with cheese. Consequently, a large amount of ham must be consumed for lunch.

Below is a photo taken with Gia's phone camera. It is a ham and salad lunch, and thus far has been one of the most difficult meals to eat due to its weight. It may not look like much, but that bowl is 10cm deep, and carries 600 gm of ham and 350 gm of salad (not that you can see much of it).

-- Day 6 --

The ham is now relatively easy to carry with one hand, I can sense victory is near.

After a ham and cheese lunch, my heart begins to feel a bit tight, perhaps like I've strained a muscle in my chest.

After exercise at the gym, I slice some strips for ham stroganoff; a creation I'm hoping will on par with one made from beef.

After searching through one of my cupboards for rice, I find strange organisms stretching to the boundaries of their environment. The plants on my balcony aren't growing as well as these bad boys!

A delicious and rewarding meal, coupled with Paul Newman dressing. Unbeatable! (except if the ham was beef).


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