Thursday, January 19, 2006

Day 7 - Ham as a barbiturate?


n : organic compound having powerful soporific effect; overdose can be fatal

Until last week, I couldn't sleep past 7.15-7.30am and would find myself waking up at least 3-4 times per night. Since my ham overdosing, I've been sleeping soundly and uninterrupted for 8+ hours per night. In light of this, Dr. Noel advises all patients with insomnia to eat 400-600 grams of ham daily until cured.

My ham eating performance for the first half of the day was at all time low. I finished the end of the stroganoff for lunch, but this was the only ham I'd eaten for 2 out 3 meals. I could feel another 600 gm meal on the cards!

It is rather difficult to choose what to eat when ham must be included in the recipe. For dinner I decided on a ham, cheese, pineapple, mushroom and tomato pizza, but how was to fit so much ham on it?? I wasn't overly keen on recreating something that bore similarities to my ham salad. Some people at my work felt sick upon seeing the mass of pink Skeety chunks trying to errupt from my bowl. They weren't the ones who had to eat it. How best to disguise it? I think you already know the answer... put the ham where the base is and vice versa. Simple! But will it be good?

Firstly, coat your base with pizza sauce.

Add the rest of the ingredients and place in dish (note the ham sized bread chunks).

Voila! Perfectamundo.

NB - After eating a couple of these, I do not recommend any strenuous activity for the next 8 hours.


Blogger James said...

This is awesome, its like a ham Supersize Me. I especially like the references to hazy vision and queeziness; go all the way sister.

6:45 AM  

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